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“You Gotta Try This”

Andy Sernovitz is the guru of word of mouth marketing. His blog today highlighted data gleaned from the new Global Trust in Advertising study. Here’s the pull quote.

“92% of people trust recommendations from people they know. 47% of people trust ads on TV.”

When we talk about social media and politics, we’re not talking about buying ads on Facebook and Google. What we’re talking about is the ease of communication between individuals and their friends. If I’m going to see Tom Petty, I can now tell everyone I know in Austin in 30 seconds. If my favorite restaurant is Franklin’s BBQ, I can advocate online and my friends are more likely to trust what I say about Franklin’s than what Franklin’s says about itself.

It’s the same with political outreach. Up until this election, campaigns have raised millions of dollars so they can tell people about themselves. Going forward, that won’t be necessary. The best candidates will have supporters telling their friends on the candidate’s behalf. It’s easy, it’s free, and it’s 45% more effective than the old way. That’s what Voters Act is all about.

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