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Online Contributions up 54% Over Last Year

ActBlue, a democratic donation processor, just released their monthly fundraising numbers.

Mar 2008 Mar 2011 Mar 2012 Change
Contributions 25,344 143,012 167,080 17%
Volume ($) $3,707,738.92 $5,847,994.09 $8,987,964.89 54%
Mean Donation $146.30 $40.89 $53.79 31%
Committees 787 673 1,629 142%

Notice the volume of donations is triple where it was in March of 2008. On the surface, this means political donations are moving online. But it also portends a more significant trend. Not just donations, but the bulk of political activity, is increasingly occurring online. People are going online to research, network, advocate, and donate. Donations are a lagging indicator or greater political activity. That means online outreach needs to be the cornerstone of your campaign.

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