Political fundraising is changing and technology hasn’t changed to keep up. $1,000 plate dinners, telethons, and bundlers are on their way out – crowdsourcing, social networks, and the $25 donation are coming in.

Voters Act is a tool to spread the word and get support. If there’s a local mom running for the school board, she now has a place to start. She can create a profile, email her friends, and let them get involved on her behalf.

Some may donate, some may just share the link with their social networks, and some may fundraise on her behalf. That’s what politics is supposed to be – good people spreading the word to their friends.

So give us a try. Tell someone who’s on the fence that they should run for office. Tell them we want to help. Think about public service yourself. Most important, get behind the kind of people who can help make our Democracy better.

We saw the power of passionate individuals in 2008 with President Obama. They changed the face of American politics. We’re here to make those same tools accessible to everyone.

We want to give you a platform. We want to give you a voice. We hope you get involved.


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