Santorum’s 50% Right

Last night I received an email from the Santorum campaign (I’m signed up for all their email lists).

We did it again.

Tonight we won both the Alabama and Mississippi primaries.

We did it without million of dollars in TV ads or a friendly media. Our campaign did it with the help of friends like you. And I hope I can count on your generosity one more time.

I bought the message until the last sentence. They’ve got an exciting narrative and a strong sign of momentum. They drive it home by highlighting the everyman nature of the campaign and “friends like you.” Then they ask for money.

If you want my take, they don’t need the money. Sure, campaign’s run on cash, but Santorum hasn’t succeed with overwhelming media buys, he’s preached a message that resonated with voters. If he asked each person on the email list to call ten friends in upcoming primary states, or if he urged voters to talk to  peers  about the results, he’d get the same effect.

Santorum needs votes, and he needs delegates. Money won’t get him there. It’s an equalizer, but it’s not the game that got him to the final four. He shouldn’t shift tactics now.


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