Candidate Quick Start Guide

Welcome to Voters Act! We’re positive our platform can help you mobilize your base and reach undecided voters in your area. But online outreach is intimidating, and it’s hard to know where to start. So we’ve got a checklist to get you on your way. Follow the ten recommendations below and you’ll start to see results.

  1. Complete Your Profile: Make sure to include your biography, campaign information, issue positions, and a thank you note to donors. But mostly, be sure to add a picture or video to make your profile more personable.
  2. Email your profile to your supporters: You already have friends and family that support your campaign. Send them your new candidate page and ask them to email it to their friends. This helps increase your name id and gets more people familiar with your positions.
  3. Embed donate link on your other online profiles: Make sure your other online accounts ask people to donate. Add a link to your candidate page to Facebook, Twitter, your campaign website, and as a signature on all campaign emails.
  4. Pick ten people to become fundraisers:  Ask your ten biggest supporters to take their involvement a step further. Tell them to create fundraising pages on Voters Act telling their peers why they support you. Think, if your Aunt Martha emails 100 people on your behalf. They’re more likely to listen because she asked and not you, they’re more likely to donate, and they’re more likely to vote. Best of all, Aunt Martha can see who she influences.
  5. Follow up: Now go back and check in with everyone you know. Email your friends again, contact Facebook contacts, plan an event or a speech.
  6. Solicit Endorsements: Local groups matter. See who can endorse you and ask them to push their members to your Candidate Page so they can support you publicly.
  7. Remember the big picture: Be sure to keep reminding voters what motivated you to run for office. If someone donates just $1 they’re much more likely to vote on election day.
  8. Work on conversion: There are a lot of steps between when someone first meets you and when they decide to vote for you. Work on moving them incrementally closer. Meet people who have never heard of your campaign. Convince supporters to donate. Convince donors to fundraiser.
  9. Be Patient: It’s a long election, but you don’t have to carry the whole burden. Spread out responsibility and ask people to help, they’ll be glad to take ownership of your campaign and advocate on your behalf.
  10. Ask us! We’re here for you. Email us ( or call (512-508-8683) anytime and we’ll answer any questions we can.
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