Every Party Has An Influencer

I recently read an article on the poor reviews the new slate of Kindles received from tech bloggers. They didn’t see a market for the product. For them, the iPad won in nearly every category. And, truth be told, the iPad is better. But it is also more expensive, harder to use, and designed to meet a variety of home and business needs. The Kindle was designed to read books, and it does that beautifully. Tech writers thought about the product they wanted, not the product the market would use.

I’ve wondered if Voters Act is in the iPad category. Is “political participation” a niche market for the 2% of Americans who actually research candidates? Are we, along with groups like Ruck.us, Ballotbook, and Votifi making a bet on a growth market that won’t grow more than Romney’s poll numbers? I think not. Here’s why.

Our bet isn’t on every American getting involved in politics. We don’t even need half of Americans to be politically active. What we do need is one person. One person in each group of friends, each civic organization, each team and each church. We need that individual who does care about politics, who does care about their vote, and we need their friends to trust their opinion.

If that person get’s excited about one campaign – from president to their local school board – then Voters Act has the chance to help them support their favorite candidate in a way previously impossible.

That’s what we want to do.

We don’t want to provide a bevy of services, we want to be excellent at one thing: creating new mechanisms for engaging with the political process.


From the Voters Act team, Happy Thanksgiving.



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