Making Politics Participatory: 8 Websites That We Like

Voters Act forms just a small part of a growing movement to take campaign finance and publicity online. This revolution in fundraising not only makes politics easier, but more participatory as well. Here’s a collection of online services that have already taken substantial steps in transforming the landscape of campaign fundraising and publicity.

Each of these websites allows you to quickly create fundraising pages of your own in just a few easy steps. They also boast social media tools that allow to not only raise money, but to spread the word about a campaign to friends on Facebook and Twitter. If you don’t use us, use one of these guys. Get your supporters more involved in your campaign.


  • To date, $985 million (and counting) raised on Fundly
  • Harnesses the power of a “social donation” to use social networks to for fundraising.
  • Use Fundly for not just political campaigns, but also charities, events, individuals.. just about anything.

Election Mall

  • Very similar to Fundly. Use social networking to promote an easily created fundraising page.
  • Also  helps with selling tickets to fundraising events, email blasts, and managing phone-a-thons.
  • Heavy involvement in campaigns in the U.S. and all over the world. Powered by Microsoft


  • $100 thousand a day since 1998
  • “more online money has been raised through eDonation for candidates, non-profits, and public affairs campaigns than any other system”
  • Partnership with IBM
  • Includes automatic “thank you emails” and option to survey donors
  • Caveat: upon looking at their client list, funds have been raised exclusively for the GOP.


  • This site’s strengths come in its extremely simple yet flexible interface, as explained in this clip
  • The website offers a blog with some interesting themes, although it hasn’t been updated in a while
  • Easy-to-use follow tools for thanking and keeping track of donors
  • Try for free for the first 30 days.
  • Click here to find a cool video about fundraising with Webconnex


  • Website on this list that most closely resembles Voters Act
  • From the website:
    • “Create multiple online fundraising campaigns
    • Share your cause with free web and social marketing tools
    • Raise money online via your website, facebook, twitter, and more
    • Manage multiple fundraisers, donations, and donors”
  • This website also charges zero fees beyond a transaction payment to cover processing.


  • Emphasis on ability to make multiple websites for a single candidate or cause.
  • Easy experience for donors: provides simple recurring donation plan for donors as well as tax-deduct forms.
  • Substantial assistance with major web development changes to website for little to zero extra charge.

Campaign Partner

  • Depending on the plan, Campaign Partner costs $29, $49, or $69 per month.
  • Offers basic help with web design; appears to have solid support crew
  • Interface allows user to incorporate just about any materials of their own, such as using one’s domain name or importing one’s contacts.
  • Month-to-month service, no contract necessary
  • They provide you with email at your own domain name for no extra charge.

Big Canvass

  • Service operates almost entirely through facebook.
  • Free set-up and perhaps the simplest operation on this list
  • A much more basic alternative, perhaps more fitting for smaller scale elections without too many flashy features
  • Donations processed through PayPal.
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