We Are The Middle Class

One of the things that’s important to us here at Voters Act is building consensus. We differ in our political views and persuasions, but we’re all passionate about getting people to participate in the political process and finding candidates that honorably represent their constituents. We’re long on the middle class, bipartisanship, and the effects the internet can have on restoring cohesion to the political process. We’re skeptical of the status quo.

To that end, we’ve invited a series of contributors to write posts for the Voters Act blog. This blog isn’t a venue to describe product updates and quarterly performance – we want to be a catalyst for meaningful political discussion. Here’s the first post in a long series, we hope you enjoy and share with your friends. –Hudson

The world as we know is facing many crises. Daily headlines trumpet the unfolding and ever twisting aspects of these threats to our daily lives. It seems only Nobel laureates and those with seven figure incomes are qualified to diagnose the disease and prescribe the medicine.  While business and political leaders declare they are keeping us safe from imminent disaster, all I see is an increasingly uncertain future in which there appears to be no place for what allowed this country to rise to prominence – a prosperous middle class.

So what’s the big deal with the middle class? First, it’s the only group that can pay for the largess granted to rich and poor alike. The poor cannot pay and the rich will not pay. The truly wealthy will pay a certain amount in taxes, but raise their rate too high and their money will find places throughout the world with a more favorable economic clime. Second, the middle class doesn’t need government. This group sustains itself. It pays its own bills, saves for its future and does not look for unfair advantage. Third, the middle class believes in playing fair. They just want a level playing field.  Fourth, the middle class both cares about and can afford to be moral. Fifth, the middle class cares deeply about their community and its well being. Not to gain advantage, but because they live and work there.

Who is the middle class? The middle class isn’t described by annual income, but by mentality. The middle class comprises those who don’t look to the government for their daily bread or sustained advantage. The middle classes looks to themselves and believes hard work brings benefit. The middle class ranges from the youth who understand that work leads to prosperity to the elderly business owner who uses debt with common sense. The middle class is responsive to faith and reason. Members of the middle class are givers and not takers, builders and not users. The middle class is rapidly disappearing from our economic and political landscape and its loss will mark the end of a prosperous and strong America that can lead the world both by example and authority.

What will we do to bring it back?

-Lisa Macintosh

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