A Declaration

We believe in opening up the political process to everybody.

We believe in providing a platform for informing, investing and influencing the political process.

We’re Voters Act, and now it’s simple for your voice to be heard.

Political fundraising is changing and technology hasn’t kept up. Telethons, bundlers, and $1,000-per-plate dinners are on their way out; crowdsourcing, social networks, and the $25 donation are in. It’s no longer enough to have the richest guys in town support you.

Look at Obama. In 2008, he received $500 million online. How? From 6.5 million folks like you and me – most donating less than $100. This wasn’t a fluke; it’s a telling sign of things to come. In this election cycle, Obama has already received 680,000 donations that total $47 million. The average gift size was $69.

This change isn’t just for Democrats, everyone’s getting involved. In Massachusetts, Republican Scott Brown raised $12 million online from 157,000 donors, all in the last ten days of the race. The Tea Party movement has harnessed that same momentum. Now you can too.

Voters Act is a tool to promote good candidates and maximize their support. Our competitors only offer donation processing, we provide much more. We give voters a place to see all the information and make their own decision. Once they do, they can tell their own networks. After all, who do you trust more, a slick ad campaign or a recommendation from your friend?

If a local mom wanted to run for the school board, she now has a place to start. She can create a profile, email her friends, and let them get involved on her behalf. Some may donate, some may just share the link with their social networks, and others may fundraise on her behalf. That’s what politics is supposed to be: good people spreading the word to their friends.

Voters Act is a new way to think about fundraising, and this is only the beginning. Voters used to have to go to politicians, either their events or to their website to contribute. Now, candidates and their activists are coming to us.

We saw the power of passionate individuals in 2008 with President Obama. They changed the face of American politics. We’re here to make those same tools accessible to everyone. So give us a try.

Be proactive. Support your favorite candidates. Tell your friends. Impact the political process.

We’ll help you get involved.

-Hudson Baird

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